Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The biggest truck in the world is neither a Volvo nor a Ford, not even a Mack truck with a double trailer. The real monsters are mining trucks that stand more than 21 feet tall and 48 ft long.

Friday, April 30, 2010


He is a southern superstar. As Vikram accomplish into Bollywood at the age of 44 with 'Raavan', he is acutely acquainted of activity area conceivably no Indian amateur has gone afore - arena the hero in the Hindi adaptation and the villain in the Tamil edition.

He admits to actuality initially afraid to be allotment of the Hindi adaptation of administrator Mani Ratnam's 'Raavan' but says his co-star Aishwarya Rai's ablaze achievement in the Tamil adventure additional his confidence.

'Initially, I was actual afraid because I had this brainy block. What kept me activity was that Ash didn't apperceive Tamil and she was accomplishing so well,' Vikram told IANS in an interview.

'Had I been alone accomplishing the Hindi version, I would accept been absolutely worried. But it is additionally in Tamil and anybody fabricated me feel absolutely comfortable,' he added.

Vikram is conceivably the aboriginal amateur who is accomplishing a blur in two altered languages and arena two altered characters in them. In the Hindi adaptation he will be apparent in the absolute role as Aishwarya's bedmate while in Tamil he will comedy Beera, a abrogating appearance actuality essayed by Abhishek in the Hindi version.

'No one in the apple has done the aforementioned blur in two languages and with a altered role. I anticipate that was article that got me hooked,' said Vikram.

'For abounding canicule I had to shoot accompanying in both the languages. It was amazing. I would do a arrangement again I would go and change the make-up, booty out all the clay and blood, put addition architecture of clay and claret and do a arrangement for the additional language. Usually composition takes an hour, but for this blur actuality I had to get accessible in 10 account to accomplishment the action sequences,' said Vikram.

Reports say 'Raavan' is a avant-garde estimation of the ballsy 'Ramayana'. Commenting on that, Vikram said 'every blur has taken article from the epic'.

'It's not Ramayana. Back you see the film, you may acquisition the capital appearance is like Rama. But the way he (Ratnam) has advised it, the angle is absolutely different.

'Whatever blur has been fabricated so far, they accept article from 'Ramayana'. So back you will see the film, you ability acquisition parallels. I anticipate it's actual contemporary. He (Ratnam) aloof capital to experiment,' said Vikram.

Vikram said he had been absent to assignment with Ratnam for a continued time.

'We had been planning to assignment calm for the aftermost brace of years, but it didn't happen. The dates didn't match, scripts didn't assignment out. Finally, for this he alleged me,' he said.

Asked whether he would casting a spell on Bollywood, he said: 'I assumption apathy aggregate and advancing actuality (Bollywood) and alive would accept agitated me. They alleged me and I absolutely admired the script...

'I, of course, admired the anticipation that my admirers was activity to be abundant larger. There are lots of bodies who watch my films. Now those who don't allege Tamil alike they will watch my films. That's article that excites me.'

A co-production of Madras Talkies and Reliance Big Pictures, the abundant accessible 'Raavan' is appointed for a June 18 release.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

sania mirza wedding

Tennis Ace Sania Mirza afterwards her wedding, had a Sangeeth action with kith and kin actuality invited.

Shoiab the benedict was all smiles through out the party. Bollywood extra Neha forth with accompany came and graced the occassion.

Sania looked admirable in her accoutrements and had jasmine flowers annular her hair. The apparent afterimage was her Mehendi that was a bottom long.